How to Make Hoarding Cool…Kind of

I am definitely a hoarder. I hate getting rid of things, because to me, everything has some sort of significance.  I already did a post on how to organize a few things, but now I want to show you how to take some of your ‘collections’ and give them a purpose.

In my room, I have a few memory boxes. In them are things that don’t really belong anywhere else, like tickets from plays and playbills, some travel tickets, and my collection of movie tickets.

This first idea is to hole punch your old cards you want to keep, and put a ring around them to make a little book. It’s probably a lot neater than where you’re keeping them now.


In this project, you can make a frame that you slide your ticket stubs into so you can show them off.



the example above is actually one where they are trying to sell the boxes, but with a handyman around, a little wallpaper for the backdrop, and some letters and glue, I think we can achieve the same thing.


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