How to Make Hoarding Cool…Kind of

I am definitely a hoarder. I hate getting rid of things, because to me, everything has some sort of significance.  I already did a post on how to organize a few things, but now I want to show you how to take some of your ‘collections’ and give them a purpose.

In my room, I have a few memory boxes. In them are things that don’t really belong anywhere else, like tickets from plays and playbills, some travel tickets, and my collection of movie tickets.

This first idea is to hole punch your old cards you want to keep, and put a ring around them to make a little book. It’s probably a lot neater than where you’re keeping them now.


In this project, you can make a frame that you slide your ticket stubs into so you can show them off.



the example above is actually one where they are trying to sell the boxes, but with a handyman around, a little wallpaper for the backdrop, and some letters and glue, I think we can achieve the same thing.


What you can do with Mason Jars and a little wood?

Quite a lot actually.

They’re so easy to get your hands on – You can find mason jars at lots of stores like Wal-Mart and target. We have tons lying around at my house, so I think it’s time we use them for something more creative than canning. these projects bring a rustic feel to the home, and are cheap and clever ways to find a new use for an old jar. not to mention the projects are super easy! And all of these projects have a few things in common…

  1. They use mason jars
  2. They use wood
  3. They look good!

Try using them for storage


for stylish planters


for candle holders


Or even for holding baking supplies



You Can Never Have Too Much Space

Well, that’s not always true… but these organizational projects might help with some of the clutter caused by not enough space.

Sometimes small spaces are the most intimate, but not when they’re full of clutter. I have been searching for ways to make a little more space in areas that seem chaotic. When everything has a place, it’s easy enough to keep it in its place, but when things don’t seem to belong, they accumulate into a pile; usually on the kitchen counter, on the stairs, or somewhere in my bedroom. (Well, at least at my house). Here are a few easy solutions.

Have curling and straightening irons lying around the bathroom?


This is a great way to get the curlers, straighteners and cords out of sight.


Need a place for all your jewellery?


Here’s how to make this.

I can never seem to find enough counter space for all the things I have in the bathroom, I found this easy and cute solution.