You Can Never Have Too Much Space

Well, that’s not always true… but these organizational projects might help with some of the clutter caused by not enough space.

Sometimes small spaces are the most intimate, but not when they’re full of clutter. I have been searching for ways to make a little more space in areas that seem chaotic. When everything has a place, it’s easy enough to keep it in its place, but when things don’t seem to belong, they accumulate into a pile; usually on the kitchen counter, on the stairs, or somewhere in my bedroom. (Well, at least at my house). Here are a few easy solutions.

Have curling and straightening irons lying around the bathroom?


This is a great way to get the curlers, straighteners and cords out of sight.


Need a place for all your jewellery?


Here’s how to make this.

I can never seem to find enough counter space for all the things I have in the bathroom, I found this easy and cute solution.